Woodland Walks
A winding path through the forest has been mapped out by Professor Yod to show visitors around Chachanat Woodland.  Points of interest are marked with wooden posters carrying commentry on local wisdom and his own experiences during the almost two decades of reforestation.


Mountain Biking
Bicycling at an elevation of 700 meters above sea level through shady woods of tall pine trees and teak trees is an exhiliarating and rejuvenating experience for both body and soul.


Strawberry Picking
A great favourite with children is the strawberry field in front of the club house where you can pick your own strawberries to make your fresh strawberry juice, put in your dessert, or simply to take home for family and friends.


Firefly Festival
Who says one must go to Samut Songkram mangrove to see fireflies?  Every year during the months of March- April Chachanat Woodland greets the arrival of fireflies.  At night time the forest is lit up with hundreds of twinkling lights like a midsummer night  “festival of fireflies”.  These fascinating insects respond to sound waves,  and if we turn the lights out and turn the music on the twinkling lights will actually come floating right into the house….so let the party begin!.


Wild Orchids
Another activity that Professor Yod and Kampoo love is growing wild orchids.  As a result, the forest at Chachanat Woodland is full of wild orchids that have started to propagate themselves ….we see little springs of orchids  appearing on the branches of trees, both low and high.  Most wild species bloom during the hot season from late February to early April, at which time the Woodland is transformed into a wonderland with amazing flowers and fragrance and showers of colors and forms. 


For wine lovers
Because Thailand is a hot country the opportunity for Thais to drink wine at its optimal temperature exists in closed and may be stuffy air-conditioned rooms.  For wine lovers what would be more pleasing,  or more tempting, than to drink wine outdoor, at ambient temperature, in the romantic setting of Chachanat Woodland.


Living in harmony with nature today does not mean that you are cut off from the outside world, and visitors to Chachanat Woodland have access to wireless internet service at all times.


Kampa Kitchen
Good food  from fresh forest produce is the daily attraction put on the table by Kampa, the local cook from Phu Rua, with a growing reputation.


Traditional Thai Massage
After a full day of activities what can be more relaxing than a traditional Thai massage in a peaceful setting among bamboo groves beside a gentle stream to sooth your body and invigorate your mind.


Excercise Park
Equipped with outdoor excercise equipments the park is ideal for light workouts or simply for refilling your oxygen supply by deep breathing in the fresh air


Private Parties
Private parties are welcome at Chachanat Woodland.   We would be pleased to organize parties for your special day such as birthdays or even weddings. The Woodland can cater for up to 50 people.