The rustic cottages at Chachanat Woodland allow visitors to enjoy nature in the raw without sacrificing comfort. All cottages, except for one, have two bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom. They are ideal hideaways for long stay visitors such as writers and artists who seek peace and quiet, beauty and tranquility, to stir their creative instincts. They also offer a wonderful experience for short 1-2 night visitors who will be enticed to return for longer stays.

          Cottages “1” and “2” are on the water front where visitors can just sit and enjoy the scenic beauty of surrounding mountains, the fresh smell of the forest, and the enchantment of blooming orchids.

          Cottage “3” is most picturesque, sitting on the pond with its full reflection in the water and enthusing all the charms of Chachanat Woodland.

Cottages “4” and “5” are Siamese Twins, joined together by a wooden patio, and are ideal for a larger group of visitors, giving the feeling of “togetherness” while retaining privacy.


Cottages “6” and “7” are higher up on the slope and offer the genuine open feeling of the Phu Rua hills The “Master Cottage” is a 4 bedroom 4 bathroom cottage whose spacious dining area and outdoor patio can easily seat 20-30 people.

The cottage has its own exclusive ground complete with a shady bamboo grove and a small boat pier.

The Lodge’ is our new accommodation which has been designed to perfectly suit couples who wish to enjoy Chachanat Woodland in hotel-styled accomodations. The Lodge consists of six twin bedrooms, six shower rooms, six seperate entrances and a huge lawn at the front.